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Uncle Bob's Kettle Corn is a family-owned company based in Hillsdale, New Jersey that offers high quality gourmet kettle corn in all the flavors you're cravin'!

Our story began in 2021 after we merged the idea of owning a business that was fun and involved the family with a repetitive childhood memory of one of my children. As a family when we attended the State Fair every summer, my son would insist that we get his favorite kettle corn as soon as we walked through the ticket booth. We used fond memories from the past to envision a future of fun, excitement & offering a product that everyone can enjoy. After extensive research, we purchased our first kettle and Uncle Bob’s Kettle Corn was born!


We started with farmers’ markets & local town functions. Soon thereafter, business was booming. We are enjoying meeting other vendors and our experience with customers has been very rewarding, making all the hard work very worthwhile. We are now consistently at farmers’ markets, food truck festivals, annual town events and are regularly being invited to new and exciting events all the time. We continue to add to our story as each freshly popped kernel jumps out of our kettle. We are happy to be giving back to the community through our fundraising programs and serving our customers daily with something for everyone to enjoy. Uncle Bob’s offers over 30 flavors – all fresh, quality snacks you don’t get just anywhere.


A big shout out to our regular customers – THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS!


Visit us at our weekly events and try our free samples – we would love for you to become one of the frequent faces we see!




Bacon Cheddar


Cheddar Blast

Creamy Dill

Garlic Parmesan

Honey Mustard

Lightly Salted

Ranch Pizza

Salt & Vinegar

Sour Cream & Onion

White Cheddar



Buffalo Breath

Cheddar Jalapeno

Chocolate Jalapeno

My Old Bay

Ragin' Cajun


**  We also offer specialty flavors & color for events, holidays and seasonal.  **

Apple Crisp

Banana Foster

Banana Split

Berry Crunch

Caramel Apple

Caramel Delight


Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Strawberry

Cinnamon Crunsh

Great American

Italian Ice


New Chi

Pumpkin Spice


Strawberry Shortcake

Sweet BBQ

Tooti Fruti

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*Employment opportunities

Hillsdale, NJ  07642

Tel: 201-666-1234

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