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FRequently Asked Questions

How long will your kettle corn stay fresh?

Our kettle corn will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks after opening, if properly sealed.

Is your kettle corn gluten free?

Our kettle corn is nut free, gluten free, trans fat-free & non-GMO.

Can I freeze my kettle corn? If so, for how long?

Our kettle corn can be frozen for months, while the crispiness and tastiness will remain.

What kind of kettle is the kettle corn cooked in?

We use iron kettles to produce our kettle corn.

Do you host private events?

Yes! Please contact us to book us for your events. You can visit our BOOK US FOR YOUR EVENT page.

Do you participate in fundraisers?

Yes! We would love to hear from you about your next fundraiser. Please contact us today. 

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